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New Slimline cabinet!

"The higher you go, the more you win!"
Simple gameplay
On screen configuration and diagnostics
19" LCD monitor
Proven roll down mechanism
DL1275 Deltronic Labs ticket dispenser
Wheels and adjustable levelers for easy setup
Made in the U.S.A. ----> see flyer

Target higher profits with P & E's PHARAOH'S GOLD, the ULTIMATE in REDEMPTION MACHINES! Shoot at coins and other screen flying targets with the realistic crossbow to win tickets. Deep vision cabinet, digital sound and fast gameplay make this game a winner in any location. Call P & E for information and pricing.
Pharaoh's Gold, the ultimate redemption machine.
Winning Wheels"WINNING WHEELS"
An interactive merchandising game where players can win instant prizes as they attempt to stop three spinning wheels on winning spots. With high quality visual and audio effects, and the capacity to handle larger sized prizes, Winning Wheels is a great attention-getter in any location. Bonus features add incentive for repeat play. The cabinets are designed to display and dispense all of today's hottest merchandise. Available in two versions: the "Street Model" which dispenses instant prizes, and the "Arcade Model" which offers the player the choice of instant prizes or ticket redemption.
Winning Wheels Arcade Model
Arcade Model Shown
Winning Wheels Street Model
Arcade Model Shown
P & E Technologies latest game takes advantage of great gameplay and the attraction of dispensing highly desireable prizes such as personal radios with headsets, cameras, compact discs, plush, etc. or we can stock it with just about anything you want!
Whack'n Win Game
Whack'N Win remains the best amusement buy in the industry with an unbeatable low price and high return on investment. The more you Whack, the more you Win! In each stage of the game a number of buttons will light. The players must hit all of the lit buttons before they go out to accumulate points. Players win a prize every time, receiving more based on their score. P & E's flexible dispensing system is capable of handling any 1" capsule, gumballs, candy, jawbreakers, or superballs. Optional ticket dispensers are available for redemption where players will receive a prize every game and tickets based on how well they play.Whack'n Win


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